Are the movies actually on the tape?
Yes, but they are sold as blanks which you can record on yourself. 

Are these officially licensed?
No, they are fan made for collection purposes only.

Are the 4:3 edits just cropped?
No. I manually pan and scan every movie scene by scene to give the most authentic VHS viewing experience possible on a CRT television.

Because it's awesome and I want these to exist for myself. I make them available to others to justify the effort and cost that goes into making them. 

How is the quality of the recording?
As good as any commercial VHS release. I have been told by multiple customers that my tapes are the best quality recordings they have ever received from a custom VHS maker.

What currency is the store in?
USD. Despite being in Canada myself, most customers are located in USA and using USD is the most practical method for transactions.

Why do the tapes cost what they cost?
Each title takes many hours to manually edit to 4:3, more hours to design the sleeves and get them printed and folded. I get the sleeves professionally printed on 130lb cardstock. I also only record on to brand new sealed blank VHS tapes to ensure the highest quality recordings. As blank VHS tapes are a somewhat rare and finite resoure it takes a lot of time to hunt them down in large quantities for these realeases. The price also covers international shipping from Canada which is costly as Canada does not have a media mail option like USA.